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Raspy Juice Rev.2 Board

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Raspy Juice Rev.2 Board
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Raspy Juice is an experimentor's expansion board to power supply a Raspberry Pi (RPi)..


Raspy Juice is an experimentor's expansion board to power supply a Raspberry Pi (RPi) host computer with a DC-DC SMPS buck regulated +5V from a wide-range voltage source (such as batteries, 12V power adapters, solar batteries, etc). The board also contains an RTC real-time clock, an RS232 level translator to breakout the host console GPIO UART serial port, and an expansion AVR ATmega168A microcontroller (MCU). This expansion MCU interfaced to the host computer as an I2C slave device, provides the services of controlling 4 channels of RC servo outputs, an RS485 interface, and a half-duplex software-based RS232 interface. Additionally, the spare pins of the MCU are brought to an expansion header which may be used for other purposes. The MCU firmware is upgradeable by the host computer and may be reprogrammed for other application-specific purposes.

Watch out for more news and updates at the Raspy Juice project page: https://code.google.com/p/raspy-juice/

This Beta Board's early release is intended for developers to enhance the MCU firmware, or for those just interested in powering the Pi from batteries, other voltage DC adapters and sources!

This set contains:

1 x Raspy Juice Rev.2 Product Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA)

1 x Power Supply Wire Assembly

2 x Signal Wire Assembly

1 x 10-pin Header  

 ** NOTE: The Raspberry Pi unit shown in the product photos are for illustration only**


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